Friday, June 28, 2013


Before coming to New York City and participating in an FIT Precollege fashion journalism workshop, the idea of becoming independent (well...somewhat independent) seemed overwhelming and heart-dropping scary. To be honest, I still am scared but in a good way. Sitting in a class with young girls just like me, learning about different fashion careers and getting perspectives from successful women experienced in the industry, I have become much more confident in myself and my ambitions. I can't believe I'm about to enter my LAST year of high school, it's bitter-sweet, you know? But then one could appreciate the sweet if there wasn't any bitter. I'm excited. I'm excited to end a chapter, to make my parents proud as I flip my tassel from one side to the other, and I'm excited to just figure it out on my own. "It" being my life, wow that feels good.


  1. hiiiii cute pic and lovely blog <3

  2. Can definitely relate! Took the words right out of my mouth :)